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Border Collie Lab Mix - Dog Breed Guide for 2019.

Border Collie Lab Mix – Dog Breed Guide for 2019 – FeedFond – It's not unusual to see a Border Collie Lab Mix with black and white markings, similar to their Border Collie parents. They are commonly seen in a brown, yellow. How long do Border Collie-Lab mixes live? Borders have an average life expectancy of 13 years and 12 years for Labs. Therefore, the average lifespan for the Border Collie Lab mix is around 10 to 13 years, but they can live up to 15 years or more, depending on how well they were cared for. The Borador Border Collie Lab mix is a large, smart, and loving dog. They love being active and are very social. In this blog post, I'll share a few details about the border collie lab mix that you need to.

Border Collie Mix Lab is also known as Borador and also for its main trait of being a very reliable dog. Although the breeds name is similar to one of the world’s most popular holiday destination Bora Bora this breed is for sure from the all-land place and not an island. Border Collie Lab Mix Borador Breed Information, Pictures, Puppies & More. by Emma Braby. So you want an intelligent dog, who is easy to care for but not too difficult to train?. The most popular Borador colours are Black and White, Brown and Yellow.

There really is no saying, unfortunately! However, your black lab border collie mix is almost guaranteed to be adorable! Fun facts about Border Collie Lab mix. The Borador, as a mix between the Lab and the Border Collie, is known as a designer breed. Interestingly, there is a huge amount of speculation and debate around designer dogs. Border Collie & Lab Mix Information. The Lab blood does calm down the border collie hyperactivity somewhat, but this is not the dog for a small apartment or just a daily walk around the block. On the other hand, if you like to run or take long walks, the borador fills the bill. The active, agile and affectionate crossbreed of the Border Collie and the Labrador Retriever, Borador, is a designer dog, standing taller than many other dogs in the group, having a broad forehead, tapered muzzle ending in a pointed black nose, that makes a great family and apartment dog, inheriting the combined temperament of both its [].

I rescued a lab border collie mix who lived to be 17 yrs old. She was the best pup ever!! Smart, loyal and loving until the very end. Of course it only took me about 2 months to rescue a new lab border collie mix because even though I have two other adult dogs cocker spaniels who I love dearly I missed the energy in the house. I grew up with a black lab/border collie mix who was a fantastic dog. A few years ago I adopted my wonderful furry soulmate, a black lab/Belgian Shepherd Malinois mix and the latest adoptee to join my family is supposedly vet´s best guess – no way to know for sure a black lab/Pinscher mix. The Border Collie Cocker is not a purebred dog, is a hybrid dog breed. It’s a mix of two pure dog breed. It is a cross between the Border Collie and the Cocker Spaniel. The border Collie Cocker is an intelligent, playful and lively dog. This dog is great with family and other pets. Life Expectancy: 10 to 14 years. Weight: 20 to 25 pounds. 08/05/2019 · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. Mickey Roonie Rourke the Borador Border Collie / Labrador Retriever mix at 1 ½ years old—"We rescued him from the pound a day before he was supposed to be euthanized. He is a Lab and Border Collie mix. We love him very, very much and he has made a wonderful addition to our family.".

Border Collie Lab Mix Borador Breed Info,.

Sep 15, 2016 - Our dog is this mix combo. So handsome & such a smart guy he is! He has the markings of the Border Collie and his coat is short like a Lab. He's a great dog!. See more ideas about Border collie, Collie and Border collie lab mix. Border Collie German Shepherd mixes are a result of crossing a purebred GSD with a purebred Border Collie. German shepherd collie mix temperament. As with any mixed breed, it’s difficult to say exactly how the offspring of two purebred dogs will turn out in terms of looks, health and temperament. Unique Characteristics of the Border Collie-Golden Retriever Mix. From small to big and hairless to the hairiest,. You can't stop caring for your dog. The mix of purebred Border Collie and purebred Golden Retriever is also called the Golden Border Retriever. Pit Bull-Lab Mix Personality Traits. The Pitbull Border Collie Mix is an energetic, intelligent and. Omg we rescued a puppy and we know the mom was a border collie we have no idea what the dad was we were told lab or blue heeler but the puppy you. One is a boy one is a girl. The boy is all Brown with a white spot on his chest the female is white with brown spots. I.

It might surprise you, but the border collie lab mix’s coat may shed more than you think! You can blame the lab side of the family for that. Labs tend to shed quite a bit, so your borador might shed a lot, too. Still, the border collie lab mix is relatively dander-free. Nov 8, 2019- Border Collie mixed. See more ideas about Border collie mix, Collie and Border collie. 17 Border Collie Mixes That Are Unbelievably Adorable. Behold, the mighty ~borgi~. Posted on September 10, 2016, 13. Border Jack Border CollieJack Russell Terrier @zorabear / Via. 2. Are you ready to add a border collie or a border collie mix into your life?

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